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                 If you are a health conscious visitor and searching for  permanent,  affordable and self care natural   solutions to health problems, you are in right place. Here, in my blog,  my focus is on the fact that health without medicines is the way on which the human body is designed to run. Health without medicines is not only possible, it is  a proven self care approach to personal health since ancient times which has been practiced upon and followed by well known personalities all over the world including. In my articles. you will find information on   maintaining good health or regaining lost health through your own self efforts. 

Oxygen Cycle

Oxygen Cycle : Crucial for Human Health. Image Source :

And, if you are just a curious visitor searching information on human body, you will find a refreshing and useful information for taking care of your health and of your family and friends.

I am not a doctor or certified health care person but I do know  that health without medicine is the best way to long term good health. Although awareness, self help and knowledge are important in natural health, I do recommend consultations from  a doctor to get an expert’s view about health issues to make a better and informed choice. The personal health is a just a matter of personal choice. There are different health care systems and therapies available. What matters most is our choice. An informed choice is always better. 

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1. All the articles and information presented on this website is educational and for free information only. None of the statements have been seen or evaluated by FDA or by any health care authority in the world. The author is not a Doctor or a Certified Health Care Professional. The consultations with Certified Health Care Professionals are desirable and always recommended. In health matters, the choice of the individual is important and only an individual is responsible for his or her choices.  To know more about me, please read  About RK Sangha  page of this website.

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Apr 282016
Payments-for-Ecosystem-Services (PES)

Payments-for-Ecosystem-Services Payments-for-ecosystem-services (PES) are some environmental services designed to  preserve the natural resources by involving the users of an ecosystem. They are defined as  “a transparent system for the provision of environmental services through conditional payments to voluntary providers”. Twenty-four specific ecosystem services were identified and assessed in United Nation’s report in 2005 titled “Millennium Ecosystem Assessment”. To [Read more…]

Apr 282016
Global Warming - A Faustian Bargain of Modern Living

The Faustian Bargain        Faustian Bargain refers to a German story of Dr. Faust’s pact with devil selling his soul for worldly gains and Faust’s  repentance over his pact.  Looking into the causes of   Global warming, and the present world’s dilemma over it,  it seems like a Faustian Bargain of modern living. [Read more…]

Apr 282016
Save the Frogs, Master Health Naturally

Save The Frogs The wild life activists have found a link between dwindling count of frogs and manifold increase in mosquito population and subsequent rise in vector-borne diseases like dengue. An  organisation  “Save the Frog”  in USA is already active and raising awareness about the importance and urgency to save frogs and other such wild [Read more…]

Life Partner in Old Age

 Life Partner in Old Age  Family & Children  Comments Off on Life Partner in Old Age
Apr 282016

The Life-partner The marriage has been defined differently in different times and in  different places but marriage is a biological and social necessity. It  is as natural as nature. A marriage is a partnership between two individuals to raise family and run the household. In some countries, as in USA, two individuals agree to live-in relationship without [Read more…]

The Human Body and the Air

 The Human Body and the Air  Health without medicine  Comments Off on The Human Body and the Air
Apr 122016

The Element of Air Air is one of five basic elements of life viz. Air, Water, Earth, Fire & Sky. As I discussed in my article “The Human Body : Five Basic Elements” in my another website, , the human body as well as the universe is composed of all these five elements. However, in [Read more…]

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